ObesityPAC Reception & State Chapter Meetings

Friday, June 11th | Following Educational Sessions

Join your fellow ObesityPAC donors for a virtual reception from 8pm-8:15pm Eastern, and then break out into your State Chapter’s meeting. Not a PAC member yet? Donate here! Not a State Chapter Member? Join here!

The 2021 Annual Meeting Awards Show

Saturday, June 12th | Following Closing Remarks

Mix up your drink, pull up a seat and sit back for fun, laughter and a few surprises! Join your fellow attendees for a virtual social reception to close out the weekend.

Make the official meeting drink: The ASMBS Bari-tini!

Or pour yourself a glass of your favorite, wine, beer, or other beverage for a celebratory toast to a great weekend of education.

Networking Chat Lounge

Connect with fellow attendees in the Lounge! Chat rooms will be open throughout the event and are a great way to engage with others.

Virtual Business Card

Upon registering for the meeting, complete your "virtual business card." Connect the Calendly app to allow others to book 1-on-1 meetings with you. Connect your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, and Instagram profile to build your network and stay in touch with other attendees after the conference has ended.