Exercise professionals are underrepresented in bariatric surgery programs. As a result, other behavioral health professionals are often asked to help promote physical activity among those seeking bariatric surgery. Surgical patients can have many physical and psychological barriers to moving more. However, research has demonstrated that physical activity promotes better weight loss, leads to improvement of co-morbid conditions, and can improve mental health. This session is designed to help mental health professionals better understand the relevant literature to guide assessment and treatment. Practical guidance related to collaborating with other disciplines and using technology will also be discussed.Title: The Role of the Mental Health Provider in Promoting Physical Activity Among Bariatric Surgery PatientsResearch Review: What We Know and What Studies Need to be Done -- Dale Bond, PhDOptimizing Collaborations with Exercise Professionals -- David Creel, PhDCognitive Behavioral Therapy and Physical Activity Promotion -- Gretchen Ames, PhDBariatric-Friendly Physical Activity Technology-- Joshua Brown, PhD