Learning Objectives:

  1. The anti-bariatric surgery patient
    a. Discuss management approach of a patient who meets criteria for, but has no interest in considering, bariatric surgery
  2. The post-bariatric surgery patient with weight recidivism or insufficient weight loss: MWL vs SWL referral
    a. Discuss strategies in MWL evaluation and management
    b. Discuss indications and contraindications for SWL referral
  3. The challenging psychological patient presenting for bariatric surgery evaluation a. Discuss management of a patient with psychological conditions which are relative contraindications to bariatric surgery
    b. Discuss absolute psychological contraindications for bariatric surgery

1:30pm Introductions of Panel Members
Wayne English, MD
1:35pm The Post-Bariatric Surgery Patient with Weight Recidivism or Insufficient Weight Loss: MWL vs SWL Referral
Wayne English, MD
1:55pm Discussion
2:00pm The Anti-Bariatric Surgery Patient
Charmaine Gentles, DNP APRN CRNFA
2:20pm Discussion
2:25pm The Challenging Psychological Patient Presenting for Bariatric Surgery Evaluation
2:45pm Discussion
2:50pm Overall Discussion
3:00pm Adjourn