This course is designed for individuals who are interested in increasing diversity within their organization to create a positive work environment and improve outcomes. The impact of diversity on how an organization functions will be reviewed. Strategies to effectively utilize diversity factors, manage a diverse workforce, and navigate workplace barriers will be discussed. Efforts to retain individuals from diverse backgrounds and its impact on organizational excellence will be addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The participant should be able to describe the organizational benefits of identifying and utilizing talent and expertise in otherwise underrepresented individuals
  2. The participant should be able to identify key aspects of diversity, culture, and behaviors that create workplace barriers
  3. The participant should be able to describe strategies and mechanisms for effective management of a diverse working environment
  4. The participant should be able to discuss methods to develop an organizational climate of openness, trust, and acceptance

6:15pm Introduction
6:20pm The Importance and Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Organizational Excellence
Wayne Frederick, MD
6:35pm Initiating and Incorporating Policies to Find the “Hidden” Talent: The How and Why
Mathias A. L. Fobi, MD
6:45pm The LGBTQ+ Patient Community: How best to effect appropriate discussion and patient care in this diverse population
Theodore Hufford, MD
6:50pm The LGBTQ+ Community: What This Aspect of Representation Provides the Organization
Patrick Worth, MD
6:55pm Religious Pluralism: The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Teamwork and Patient Care
Farah Husain, MD FACS FASMBS
7:03pm Differences in Ability: Utilizing Other Strengths to Enhance How We Operate
Christopher Lunsford, MD
7:13pm The Evolution of Women in Leadership Roles: A History of the ASMBS
Ann Rogers, MD
7:21pm Beyond the Honeymoon: Retention after Recruitment
January Hill, MD FACS ABOM
7:28pm Implicit Bias: The Insidious Enemy of Variation
Dana Telem, MD
7:38pm Closing Question and Answer
7:45pm Adjourn