The purpose of this symposium is to focus on issues and trends that occur during bariatric surgical patient education preoperative and pre-hospital discharge practices. This symposium will address four main topics: patient educational content and how its determined, process considerations related to dose, delivery, and access methods, the measurement of knowledge and effect on patient outcomes, and the effects of COVID-19 on patient education practices.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize patient educational trends in bariatric practice. (descriptive survey results )
  2. Describe typical preoperative content and examples of nursing research that have been meaningfully applied and successfully translated into bariatric practice. (content)
  3. Articulate patient education roles and trends of nurses and other bariatric team members in bariatric care. (content & delivery)
  4. Explain educational trends for meeting patient needs. (delivery & dose)
  5. Illustrate how technology may assist in delivering patient-centered education. (accessibility & delivery)
  6. Explore ways to effectively monitor or measure patient knowledge in clinical contexts. . (Measurement)
  7. Discuss the effects of COVID-19 on patient education of bariatric surgical patients from the providers perspective. (COVID-19)

1:30pm Introduction
William Gourash, PhD CRNP RN; Karen Groller, PhD RN CV-BC CMSRN
1:35pm Important content for preoperative bariatric surgical patient education and why.
Karen Schulz, MSN CNS
1:55pm Preoperative bariatric surgical patient education: delivery, dose & access
Karen Groller, PhD RN CV-BC CMSRN
2:15pm Measuring patient understanding and outcomes
Melissa Rowan, RN. BSN
2:35pm Patient education provider’s perceptions: Current trends.
William Gourash, PhD CRNP RN
2:50pm Panel Q&A