Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the history of SADI-S including short and mid-term weight loss and comorbidity resolution outcomes
  2. Discuss/demonstrate techniques, pearls, and pitfalls in adopting and performing SADI-S
  3. Discuss postoperative management/prevention of nutritional deficiencies and postoperative complications including GERD, bile reflux, bowel obstruction, leak, and weight recidivism

11:00am Development of SADI (US, Europe, ASIA)
Wei-Lei Lee, MD PhD
11:10am Weight loss outcomes SADI
Andres Pernaute, MD
11:20am Comorbidity resolution SADI-S
Mitch Roslin, MD
11:30am Panel Discussion
11:45am What I wish I knew 1000 cases ago
Dan Cottam, MD
11:55am Patient selection—DM, BMI
12:05pm Insurance, hospitals, coding and SADI-S
Paul Enochs, MD
12:15pm Panel Discussion
12:30pm Break
12:45pm Common channel length and bougie size
Lindsey Sharp, MD
12:55pm Duodenal dissection techniques (greater curve and retro Doudenal)-How to do it without injuring the portal triad
Mohit Bhandari, MD
1:05pm Video technique- duodenoileostomy (hand sewn and stapled techniques)-How to perform a safe anastomosis in many ways
Peter Ng, MD
1:15pm Panel Discussion
1:30pm Short and long term complications
Bo Neichoy, MD
1:40pm Management of DI leak/bowel obstruction/leak from Duodenal Stump
Dana Portenier, MD
1:50pm Management of GERD/Hiatal hernia postop and bile reflux
Keri Seymour, DO
2:00pm Adjourn