Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe indications and pre-operative evaluation process for revision for obesity recurrence
  2. Understand technical considerations when performing revisions of primary bariatric procedures for obesity recurrence
  3. Describe indications and perioperative concerns for revisions of bariatric surgery for complications
  4. Summarize technical considerations associated with revisions for complications
  5. Describe considerations associated with appropriate billing for revision procedures and current coverage concerns

11:00am Introduction
Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
Revisions for Obesity Reoccurrence
11:03am Revision Sleeve Gastrectomy – Indication and Evaluation
Pearl Ma, MD
11:18am Sleeve to SADI – Video – Technique
Sachin Kukreja, MD
11:33am Revision of Gastric Bypass for Obesity Recurrence– Indication and Evaluation
Andrew Duffy, MD
11:48am GBP to DS – Video- Technique
Andre Teixeira, MD
12:03pm Break
12:18pm Welcome Back
Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
Revisions for Complications
12:20pm Chronic Sleeve Leak – Laparoscopic Repair
Cori McBride, MD
12:35pm Revisional Surgery After Duodenal Switch – Indications and Nutritional Concerns
Omar Ghanem, MD
12:50pm The Nonadjustable Gastric Band – VBG and Molina Band
Colleen Kennedy, MD
1:05pm Revision of Gastric Bypass for Chronic Ulceration – Technical Considerations – Reversal vs Revision - Video
Erik Wilson, MD
1:20pm Insurance and Revisional Bariatric Surgery
Ashutosh Kaul, MD
1:35pm Closing Question & Answer
2:00pm Adjourn