Bariatric nutrition is constantly evolving as more research is conducted and patient needs change. Nutrition professionals need the information and skills to stay on top of these changes along with the ability to effectively communicate them to patients and the public. This session will cover hot topics in bariatric nutrition such as alcohol and time restricted eating in bariatric surgery. Additionally, this session will provide nutrition professionals an opportunity for self-assessment and improvement by addressing weight bias, public relations, and what is currently available to advance professional skills and distinguish a clinician as an expert in weight management.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Employ the basic foundations of communications and public relations in bariatric surgery
  2. Describe the evidence and gaps in literature on alcohol intake and time restricted eating in bariatric surgery
  3. Identify opportunities for professional development including implicit bias assessment and advanced trainings and certifications

3:00pm Welcome and Overview
Colleen Tewksbury, PhD RD CSOWM; Emily Thevis, RDN LD CSOWM CDE
3:10pm Communications and Public Relations
Kristen Smith, RDN LD/MS
3:35pm Alcohol and Bariatric Surgery
Melissa Page, MS RD CSOWM LD
4:00pm Weight Bias in Dietetics
Kellene Isom, PhD MS RD CAGS
4:25pm Break
4:40pm Time Restricted Eating in Bariatric Surgery
Kelly Allison, PhD
5:05pm Advancing your skills and distinguishing yourself as the expert- trainings, certifications, degrees, and credentials
Laura Andromalos, MS RD CDCES CSOWM
5:30pm Panel Discussion
6:00pm Adjourn