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1:30pm A041 Outcomes of bariatric surgery in patients on chronic opioids; can bariatric surgery assist with decreasing long-term opioid utilization?
Authors: Gabriel Mekel, MD; Brian J Dessify, DO; Alexandra M Falvo, MD; Ryan D Horsley, DO; Anthony Petrick, MD; Jon D Gabrielsen, MD; Mustapha Daouadi, Md; David M Parker, MD
Presenter: Gabriel Mekel, MD
1:35pm Discussion
1:38pm A042 Evaluating Commercial Insurance Policies for Metabolic/Bariatric Surgery Across the US
Authors: Joe Northup, MD; Anuprita Patkar, PhD; Scott Wolven, MBA; Katherine Etter, PhD; Joseph Nadglowski, BS
Presenter: Joe Northup, MD
1:43pm Discussion
1:46pm A043 Effects of a New Procedureless Intragastric Balloon on Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome: a Multicenter Registry Experience with 1 Year Follow-up
Authors: Ilaria Ernesti, MD; Andrea AF Formiga, MD; Cristiano Giardiello, MD; Alfredo Genco, MD; Samir Giuseppe Sukkar, MD; Marco Antonio Zappa, MD; Marco Pietro Rovati, MD; Michele Rosa, MD; Mikiko Watanabe, MD PhD
Presenter: Ilaria Ernesti, MD
1:51pm Discussion
1:54pm A044 Conversion From In-Person to Telehealth Follow-Up Post-Bariatric Surgery Does Not Increase 30-Day Readmission Rate
Authors: Moyosore Alade, PA; Eduardo Somoza, MD; Dan Horwitz, MD; Shewon Erie, RN; John K Saunders, MD; Akuezunkpa Ude-Welcome, MD; Patricia Chui, MD PhD; Julia Park, MD; Manish S Parikh, MD
Presenter: Moyosore Alade, PA
1:59pm Discussion
2:02pm A045 Weight loss following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) causally implicated with serum levels of IL-22: a Mendelian randomization study
Authors: Moustafa Abdalla, PhD; Daniel B Jones, MD MS FACS
Presenter: Moustafa Abdalla, PhD
2:07pm Discussion
2:10pm A046 Risk-stratified venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in bariatric patients using Caprini assessment: practice patterns and opportunities
Authors: Michael A Edwards, MD; Aaron Spaulding, PhD; Shalmali R Borkar, MBBS MPH; Dorin T Colibaseanu, MD
Presenter: Michael A Edwards, MD
2:15pm Discussion
2:18pm A047 Difference in causes of readmission among racial and ethnic bariatric surgery cohorts
Authors: Michael A Edwards, MD; Shannon T Coombs, BS; Aaron Spaulding, PhD
Presenter: Shannon T Coombs, BS
2:23pm Discussion
2:26pm A048 A Standardized Approach to Address Weight Recidivism After Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy
Authors: Stuart Abel, MD; Wayne English, MD; Meredith Duke, MD MBA; Chetan V Aher, MD; Brandon B Williams, MD; Joseph Broucek, MD; Matthew D Spann, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Stuart Abel, MD
2:31pm Discussion
2:34pm A049 Utilization of a Standardized Digital Education Platform in the Preoperative Preparation of Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Novel and Necessary Approach
Authors: Jocelyn Powell, DO; Hira Shakeel, MD; Iman Khan, MD; Ayesha Khan, MD; Alexander Aversano, DO
Presenter: Jocelyn Powell, DO
2:39pm Discussion
2:42pm A050 The Bariatric Decision Tree: How Preoperative Comorbidities Influence Bariatric Procedure Selection
Authors: Zihan Dong, MD; Nicole Aguirre, MD; David Pechman, MD; John Davis, MD; Dominick Gadaleta, MD; Andrew T Bates, MD
Presenter: Andrew T Bates, MD
2:47pm Discussion
2:50pm A051 Bariatric surgery in patients with end-stage organ failure: Is it worth it?
Authors: Adrian AB Billeter, MD PhD; Michael Zumkeller; Judith Brock; Felix Herth, Prof. Dr.; Christian Rupp, Prof. Dr.; Martin Zeier; Arianeb Mehrabi, Prof. Dr.; Beat P Müller-Stich
Presenter: Adrian AB Billeter, MD PhD
2:55pm Discussion
2:58pm Closing Question and Answer
3:00pm Adjourn