Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe several telehealth platforms and compare and contrast them.
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of telemedicine versus in person visits.
  3. Discuss what lessons have been learned about telemedicine during the pandemic and what lies ahead for telehealth
  4. To Review the Positive and Negative Impact Telehealth has had on Our Practices and Patients

Telehealth Platforms
Introduction: Emma Patterson, MD
6:15pm Basic Clinical Survival: What are the Clinical Telehealth Platform Options
Michael Nusbaum, MD
6:25pm Discussion
6:30pm Beyond the Basics: Advanced Bariatric Patient Connectivity Platforms
Sunil Bhoyrul, MD
6:40pm Discussion
Pros vs Cons of Telehealth
Introduction: Joe Northup, MD
6:45pm Pro: Telehealth is Best for Patients and Providers
Oliver Varban, MD
6:55pm Discussion
7:00pm Con: Telehealth is Inferior to In-Person Visits
Laura E Fischer, MD MS
7:10pm Discussion
Lessons Learned and Where Do We Go from Here?
Introduction: Kulmet Sandhu, MD
7:15pm Lessons Learned
Maggie Diller, MD
7:25pm Discussion
7:30pm Future of Telehealth
Louise Yeung, MD
7:40pm Discussion
7:45pm Adjourn