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Directly engage with presenters and panelists! Paper & Video sessions will allow select attendees the unique opportunity to turn their cameras and microphones on to pose questions to our faculty in a live Q&A. Come prepared with your questions; further instructions will be shared at the start of each session.

11:30am A001 Bariatric Surgery Targeting Opioid Prescribing (BSTOP); Interim Analysis of the 3rd MBSAQIP National Quality Improvement Project
Authors: Anthony Petrick, MD; April Smith, PharmD; Jon C Gould, MD; Dominick Gadaleta, MD; Teresa Fraker, MS RN; Kimberly Evans-Labok, BA; Leandra Knapp, MS; Stacy A Brethauer, MD
Presenter: Anthony Petrick, MD
11:35am Abstract Discussant
John Morton, MD
11:38am Open Discussion/Answers
11:48am A002 Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Ischemic Stroke Risk
Authors: Michael D Williams, MD; Marc A Sarran, MD; Seungjun Kim, MD; Syed Khalid, MD; Adan Z Becerra, PhD; Alfonso Torquati, MD; Philip A Omotosho, MD
Presenter: Michael D Williams, MD
11:53am Abstract Discussant
Cori McBride, MD
11:56am Open Discussion/Answers
12:06pm A003 Long-Term Outcomes of Duodenal Switch (DS) Versus Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileostomy with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S): A Matched Cohort Study
Authors: Amit Surve, MD; Dan Cottam, MD; Legrand Belnap, MD; Christina Richards, MD FACS; Walter Medlin, MD FACS
Presenter: Amit Surve, MD
12:11pm Abstract Discussant
Vivek Prachand, MD
12:14pm Open Discussion/Answers
12:24pm A004 Effect of bariatric surgery on major cardiovascular events: a population level study
Authors: Philippe Bouchard, MD; Safiya Masrouri, MD; Sebastian V Demyttenaere, MD; Olivier Court, MD; Amin Andalib, MD
Presenter: Philippe Bouchard, MD
12:29pm Abstract Discussant
Mehran Anvari, MD
12:32pm Open Discussion/Answers
12:42pm A005 Are insurance mandates requiring medically refractory hypertension despite concurrent use of more than one anti-hypertensive agents for patients with a BMI between 35 and 39.9 kg/m2 medically justified for eligibility for bariatric surgery?
Authors: Yannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD
Presenter: Yannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD
12:47pm Abstract Discussant
Bruce Schirmer, MD
12:50pm Open Discussion/Answers
1:00pm Adjourn