NEW – Participate in Live Q&A

Directly engage with presenters and panelists! Paper & Video sessions will allow select attendees the unique opportunity to turn their cameras and microphones on to pose questions to our faculty in a live Q&A. Come prepared with your questions; further instructions will be shared at the start of each session.

1:30pm A034 Iatrogenic gastric sleeve perforation treated with subtotal gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y reconstruction
Authors: Alexa E Roth, MD; Douglas C Greer, MD; Huy D Hoang, MD; Amarita S Klar, MD; Pearl Ma, MD; Keith B Boone, MD; Kelvin D Higa, MD
Presenter: Alexa E Roth, MD
1:37pm Discussion
1:43pm A035 Near-complete transection of the stomach due to gastric band erosion leading to sepsis
Authors: Amanda C Vozzola, BS; Jeffrey E Friedman, MD
Presenter: Amanda C Vozzola, BS
1:50pm Discussion
1:56pm A036 Recurrent Ascending Cholangitis After Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy
Authors: Huy D Hoang, MD; Douglas C Greer, MD; Alexa E Roth, MD; Amarita S Klar, MD; Pearl Ma, MD; Keith B Boone, MD; Kelvin D Higa, MD
Presenter: Huy D Hoang, MD
2:03pm Discussion
2:09pm A037 Gastric Eclipse of the Heart: Repair of a Completely Intrathoracic Sleeve and Recurrent Hiatal Hernia by Conversion to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Benfauzi El-Attrache, DO; John Paul Gonzalvo, DO; Michel Murr, MD
Presenter: Benfauzi El-Attrache, DO
2:16pm Discussion
2:22pm A038 Robotic Conversion of Retrocolic Roux En Y Gastric Bypass to Single Anastomosis Duodenal Ileostomy (SADI)
Authors: Michael Joannides, MD; James Stephen Scott, MD
Presenter: Michael Joannides, MD
2:29pm Discussion
2:35pm A039 The enemy of good is better: Colonic obstruction after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Authors: Raveena Karthikeyan, MBBS; Hany Takla, MD FACS FASMBS; Tarik Delko, MD; Joseph N Badaoui, MD; Todd Kelogg, MD; Omar Ghanem, MD
Presenter: Raveena Karthikeyan, MBBS
2:42pm Discussion
2:48pm A040 Revision of Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy resulting in remnant stomach volvulus
Authors: Darren S Tishler, MD; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD
Presenter: Darren S Tishler, MD
2:55pm Discussion
3:00pm Adjourn