Interactive Schedule

Program Highlights

The 37th ASMBS Annual Meeting will feature sessions centered around this year’s theme – Putting the Patient First.

Surgeon Sessions:

Private Practice: Overcoming New Challenges CME

Game changers in 2021: 2020 has impacted so many practices in several ways. How can you protect, improve or jump start your practice in 2021 and the future? Join us for innovative insights and strategies for your practice.
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Diversity: How to Showcase Hidden Talent in the Organization CME/CEU

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in increasing diversity within their organization to create a positive work environment and improve outcomes. The impact of diversity on how an organization functions will be reviewed. Strategies to effectively utilize diversity factors, manage a diverse workforce, and navigate workplace barriers will be discussed. Efforts to retain individuals from diverse backgrounds and its impact on organizational excellence will be addressed.
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Telehealth and Reaching Patients CME

This course will describe several telehealth platforms and compare and contrast them, as well as the pros and cons of telehealth versus in-person visits. Panelists will discuss what lessons have been learned about telemedicine during the pandemic and predict what lies ahead for telehealth.
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ASMBS/OMA Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Patients with Obesity CME/CEU

This collaborative panel presentation will discuss the anti-bariatric surgery patient, the post-bariatric surgery patient with weight recidivism or insufficient weight loss, and the challenging psychological patient presenting for bariatric surgery evaluation.
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Integrated Health Sessions:

MBSAQIP Coordinator Course CEU

In this session, MBS Coordinators (novice & experienced) will learn about the necessary steps in preparing for a MBSAQIP virtual site visit, the assistive elements that MBS Directors can provide in navigating your hospital’s resouces, QI project development, MBSAQIP tools to ensure program success, & the session will conclude with an interactive networking session between colleagues.
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Patient Education CEU

The purpose of this symposium is to focus on issues and trends that occur during bariatric surgical patient education preoperative and pre-hospital discharge practices. This symposium will address four main topics: patient educational content and how its determined, process considerations related to dose, delivery, and access methods, the measurement of knowledge and effect on patient outcomes, and the effects of COVID-19 on patient education practices.
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Virtual Support Groups: Maximizing Value to the Paitent CEU

Join panelists for a discussion about the challenges and benefits of running virtual and hybrid support groups. Attendees will learn strategies to incorporate culturally specific practices in the virtual support group and will learn about upcoming advanced training for bariatric support group leaders.
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Bariatric Nursing Course CEU

Presented by experienced nurses within the specialty of bariatric surgery, this course offers information and guidance for the basic and safe care of bariatric surgery patients within a Bariatric Surgery Program. Target audience will be Nurses who are new to the specialty or who have worked in the specialty of bariatric surgery for less than 2 years.
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